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The following organisations have contributed technical, practical or commercial input or sponsorship to the HeliCalc program

Leviat designs and manufactures high integrity steel products for the construction industry and supplies clients in a variety of sectors including housing, commercial, infrastructure and civil engineering. Free technical advice and design services are available

The BRE Group is a world leading research, consultancy, training, testing and certification organisation delivering sustainability and innovation across the built environment and beyond
Ceram is the UK's leading independent research and testing organisation specialising in building and construction technologies, engineering, manufacturing, medical, pharmaceutical and ceramics.

Roofconsult brings together independent experts to offer comprehensive and current information on technical standards and best roofing practice. Data is delivered through written articles and software solutions.

Thor Helical designs and manufactures helical fasteners with precision engineering using patented twisting die technology. This 2nd generation range of Thor Helical fixings is now sold worldwide through a select head group of distributor partners.

Twistfix is an e-commerce web site offering access to innovative building products and refurbishment systems at the click of a button.  A technical support line offers practical help and advice.


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Leviat and ThorHelical

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